Michiko Smith                                            Healing Art captures your heart!

New Step  24


Michiko grew up in Oomiya City, near Tokyo, Japan. She emigrated to the US in 1981 and became an American citizen in 2000. After residing primarily in the vibrant Los Angeles area, she relocated to scenic Hamilton, NY in 2011, while continuing to spend significant time in SoCal.


Through a close friend she became interested in New Age beliefs over thirty years ago. Michiko started painting in 1992 after observing a brightly colored mobile of tropical fish. She considers her work to be New Age healing art and creates her work from the viewpoint that one can feel peace, love, passion and positive energy by experiencing colors, shapes, and through the resulting vibrations of happiness.

New Step   24" x 18"  Watercolor


In 2005, she was invited to join the Los Angeles based art group LELA (Lantern of the East, Los Angeles) International. 

Michiko's works have been exhibited widely.

Selected exhibits

- Michiko Smith Art Show                     Barge Canal Coffee             Hamilton, NY USA             2013

- Michiko Smith Art Show                     Chiba City                           Japan                             2012

- Peace Show (LELA)                            Nagaskai                             Japan                              2012

- Nisei Week Show (LELA)                     Los Angeles                        CA  USA                            2012

- International Art Fest.  (LELA)             Yerevan                             Armenia                           2008

- International Art Fest. (LELA)              Pyeongtaek                        South Korea                      2006

- Museo Historico (LELA)                       Ensenada                           Mexico                              2005

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